Tree Planting & Mulching

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Planting: The key to giving a tree a healthy start in the planting site is good planting procedures. A point that cannot be over-emphasized is the importance of matching the tree and its requirements to the planting site conditions. The tree must be able to tolerate site conditions such as wet or dry soils, size limitations or shade.

Mulching: Mulching the soil surface has several benefits. A layer of mulch reduces water evaporation from the soil. It minimizes weed competition (and thus water use), reduces soil erosion, and can improve soil aeration. The soil will be kept cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Tree Planting & Mulching

Our Tree Planting services guarantee successful growth of your new trees.

Save water, suppress weeds, and improve the appearance of your yard.

Giving your trees a healthy start makes all the difference.

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