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Arapahoe Tree Surgeons in Tucson, AZ, is the best choice for your tree care and maintenance needs. We're expert arborists who are experienced in a variety of tree care services. Our licensed team will recommend the right treatment type depending on the soil texture and type of tree. All of our treatments are organic.

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Arapahoe Tree Surgeons

High-Volume Sprayer: This high volume high pressure sprayer delivers maximum contact for foliar applications & generous volume for ground/soil coverage.

Arborjet Injection System: Utilizing the Arbor-jet injection system, we can deposit needed medicament into the functional active xylem in carefully prescribed doses for enhanced efficiency of product delivery. Arborjet is a closed system thereby no harm comes to the applicator, soil or air.

Fogging or Misting uses air to deliver nutrient to the target area while controlling the direction of the spray generally in a single pass.



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