We Take the Utmost Pride in Our Work

Arapahoe Tree Surgeons specializes in all things trees! We proudly serve Tucson, Az. & surrounding area residence & businesses with excellence where our primary focus is on tree health, proper maintenance & safety. As a family owned and operated business with over 50 years' experience, we understand tree aesthetics and the services we provide will help you to cultivate a safe and enjoyable surrounding for your home &/or business.

Serving the Tuscon area for over 40 years

Locally owned and operated

Experts in the unique needs of our region

“Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.” ~ Rene Dubos


Feeding and Fertilization

Storm Recovery

Arapahoe Tree Surgeons Offers A Wide Range of Services

Removal & Stump Grinding

Tree Removal for accessible & most of the inaccessible places.

Tree Trimming

Pruning cuts must be made with an understanding of how the tree will respond to the cut.

Tree Feeding & Injection

High volume high pressure sprayer delivers maximum contact for foliar applications & generous volume for ground/soil coverage.

Tree Planting & Mulching

The key to giving a tree a healthy start in the planting site is good.

Tree Pinning & Limb Support

The floating-eye network provides supplemental support & restraint

Staking & Anchoring

Has your specimen tree blown-over or is it leaning due to high winds?

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