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Most mature multi-trunked trees in Tucson, Az are susceptible to breakage under stress of wind.

Tree Structure Tucson, Az - Arapahoe Tree Surgeons
Tree Structure Tucson, Az – Arapahoe Tree Surgeons

 Trees with “V” shaped or weak crotches, and split or decayed branch unions all pose a higher risk of failure.    When used wisely, tree support systems can extend the life of your tree while maintaining its natural beauty &/or reduce the risk of mechanical failure.

A tree must be assessed carefully when deciding whether to install a supplemental support system, prune potentially hazardous limbs, reducing end-weight, or remove the entire tree.  This is a job which requires a high degree of expertise and, if handled by a novice, can damage the tree permanently.

If a cable system is the best fit, Arapahoe Tree Surgeons, (using high quality materials), will install a horizontal limb support or a floating-eye cable network which provide supplemental support & restraint during elevated wind stress.  Scaffold included in this system move freely or floats, while they defend against limb break-out.  Because the cables are not rigid, the tree’s growth structure is not dependent on the cable for strength.

Annually, for a minimal charge, Arapahoe will send out a qualified cable technician to perform a thorough hardware inspection of your cabled tree(s) & advise you of their findings.  If an adjustment is needed or if a defect is discovered in the materials, we will adjust &/or replace it at no charge to you.

Arapahoe Tree Surgeons have been providing solutions to tree care needs for the last 50 years.

Contact Arapahoe Tree Surgeons, the finest tree service company for all tree care needs in and around Tucson, Arizona.

If trees could talk – it will be decision they will thank you for!

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