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Trees in Tucson, Az are ornaments augmenting the beauty and magnificence of a landscape.

Tree Removal  Tucson, Az. | Arapahoe Tree Surgeons

But if the tree is too close to the foundation of the home, is dead or dying, presents a risk to life or property, or comes in the way of construction,  your beautiful asset just became a liability.  In such an instance, tree removal  Tucson, Az may be the only option left.

Tree Removal can be dangerous & several precautions need to be in place before, during & after the process. Tree cutting or tree felling is best handled by properly trained and well equipped professionals.

Arapahoe Tree Surgeons specialize in technical and hazardous tree removals of all sizes.  With over 100 years of combined experience Arapahoe will bring professionalism with a safety first approach to your project & are Licensed and Insured for your protection.  Well maintained, Industry specific equipment is always on site to assure proficiency including the Blue ox Exploder Loader with a 375 degree swing and a 50″ grapple for the heavier Clean-ups.

Need Stump Grinding?  Arapahoe tree Surgeons has three sizes of stump grinders which allows us to access those hard to reach areas.

How About Land Clearing?  The muscle bound Mini–Steer with its many attachments will move the big stuff out of both accessible and most inaccessible places and grade the area clear of debris.

Arapahoe Tree Surgeons is committed to client satisfaction with a proven track record for being the premier tree service company in Tucson, Arizona.

Their expertise extends to tree trimming, tree staking/ tree anchoring, tree pinning, organic tree feeding and injections, water conservation through responsible soil amendments, and tree mulching.

Contact Arapahoe Tree Surgeons today and avail yourself of the finest tree care service in Tucson, Arizona.

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